Won and done? Sportsbooks banning the smart money

Already a hot-button problem in the uk, a controversial bookmaking clinic is beginning to spread in the U.S.’s rising legal sports betting market, too.

Bookmakers from London to Las Vegas are refusing to take bets from a rising number of customers whose sole crime may be trying to win.

The entire scope of the problem from the U.K. isn’t easy to determine, but it’s believed just a small portion of the approximately 8.5 million”punters” (the European word for bettors) are impacted. Gaming specialists say sportsbooks may have closed as many as 50,000 gambling accounts in the last several decades, and just as most punters have had their betting limits restricted to mere pittance.

As one U.K. bettor put it,”If you attempt to win, they do not allow you to play anymore.”

“Yes, bookmakers are severely restricting or closing accounts for what seems to be the simple fact that these individuals are winning,” said U.K. gaming consultant Steve Donoughue, secretariat for an all-party parliamentary group that focuses on gaming.

“The hilariousness of it,” Donoughue added,”is that they limited among my member’s accounts, and he’s a Lord”

The profit-minded corporations who have entered the bookmaking match, however, look at it in the perspective of the bottom line and wonder what business would choose to cater to clients believed to be”uneconomical.” It is like encouraging a world-class aggressive eater to float often in your all-you-can-eat buffet.

American sports gambling isn’t resistant to the practice. Banning or restricting sophisticated players has been a regular part of Las Vegas sports betting for decades, and, like in the U.K., there is absolutely nothing illegal about it.

Bettors state the practice is increasing and has even occurred in some of the new countries (such as New Jersey) that have entered into the now-legal bookmaking match in recent months.

“Americans ought to be worried,” stated Brian Chappell, a founder for its U.K. bettor advocacy group Justice for Punters. “It’s coming.”

A standing for sportsbook giant William Hill
In Nevada, refusing to accept bets from any customer, from card counters to wise-guy sports bettors, is entirely in any casino’s lawful rights. From Caesars Palace to the Venetian to local spots like Station Casinos, every bookmaker in town will tell you — albeit somewhat quietly — which they’ve 86′d customers for one reason or another.

Seasoned bettors are involved, however, that the practice of banning or restricting accounts is not just increasing, but the reasoning behind the conclusions is becoming more and more suspect.

Many consider that the only thing betting intelligently will get you at some stores is a one-way ticket into being thrown outside. An iconic U.K. bookmaker that’s rapidly growing its footprint in the U.S. is reported to be by far the most competitive with the strategy.

ESPN communicated with 20 bettors for this article who said they had been banned from gambling with William Hill U.S. in Nevada. Two said they have been cut off at the new William Hill books in New Jersey, also, something the Division of Gaming Enforcement is reviewing.

“In our world, our neighborhood,” explained Joe Fortuna, one of the professional bettors who states that he had been cut off by William Hill in Nevada,”everyone knows you will get thrown out from there.”

“It is not even really close,” said another Las Vegas bettor who had been restricted by William Hill and requested anonymity. “They are by far the worst.”

Launched in 1934 in London, William Hill was awarded a Nevada gaming license in 2012. The company has grown into the largest bookmaker by volume in Nevada, serving over 100,000 customers and operating at more than 100 locations — such as at casinos such as Casino Royale and Hooters on the Las Vegas Strip. They have the most customers and, consequently, probably have the most complaints directed at them.

A huge majority of William Hill’s customers are recreational bettors who wager small amounts and never examine the limits, house rules or gaming regulations. Industry sources say it’s the remaining sliver of bettors that make the publication uneasy enough to eliminate a number of them from the equation.

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